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Women scienceblogger DonorsChoose roundup

As many of you know by now, there is a Science Blogger DonorsChoose Challenge happening now through November 10th. I wanted to give some special attention to the Women Science Bloggers who have set up giving pages. Check these out, and please contribute what you can!

Anne Jefferson: DonorsChoose page and blog

biochem belle: DonorsChoose page and blog

Candid Engineer: DonorsChoose page and blog

Dr. Becca, PhD: DonorsChoose Page and blog

Dr. Free-Ride: DonorsChoose page and blog

Geeka: DonorsChoose page and blog

Gene Geek: DonorsChoose page and blog

Gerty-Z: DonorsChoose page and blog

Kate Clancy: DonorsChoose page and blog

Krystal D’Costa: DonorsChoose page and blog

Professor In Training: DonorsChoose page and blog

Scicurious: DonorsChoose page and blog

Did I miss anyone? I’m sure I have. Tell me in the comments and I’ll add them.


  1. How about me? Or do mixed-gender blogs not count? The Highly Allochthonous challenge is here: http://www.donorschoose.org/donors/viewChallenge.html?id=73846&max=25

  2. KBHC says:

    Yes, you definitely count Anne! Sorry for the oversight and I'll add you now.

  3. KBHC says:

    P.S. I gave $10 to one project in every woman's giving page on this page. Can you do the same? Or could you help fund just one of these projects?

  4. KBHC says:

    (That was a general comment, not directed at Anne! It was the $10 she gave to one of my projects that actually inspired me!)

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